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    MAJOR Prolems Reinstalling My Upgraded System

    I'm having some major problems reinstalling windows on to my new upgraded system.
    I've tried a full install using my original Win98Se, as well as my new Win XP Home disk in an attempt to resolve the problem.

    The system appears to accept the installation, but after a short while (maybe 10 or 15 minutes), the system switches off, or resets and reboots.

    When the reboot happens, the system then goes into a continuous loop of asking if I want to boot into safe mode, or start windows normally etc, but whatever option I choose, results in another reset/reboot.

    I've lost count of the number of times I've reinstalled the software and/or changed the hardware, but I always end up with the same result.

    Just for info:
    Windows: Tried Win 98SE and WinXP Home
    Mobo: Tried MSI KT4VL, and a new Asus A7n8X-E
    HDDs: Tried Maxtor 80Gb and new Maxtor 40Gb....

    Any ideas or suggestions gratefully accepted ?!

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    I would Format and fdisk the drive...maybe even write O's over it and start all over.

    Didnt see your post about trying a new 40GB HDD...check you HSF. if it is not working properly it will cause the symptoms you are describing.
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    The HSF is working OK, the speed is adjustable, and my new mobo also auto detects and monitors temps and speeds, so no problem there AFAIK.

    I've formatted and reinstalled a number of times, and even tried a brand new HDD, but still no joy.

    One suggestion found on another site is that it MAY be due to a dodgy PSU, so I'm gonna have to dig out an alternative PSU and try that next

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    Well I realised last night that the alternative PSU I was planning to fit has been used in a friends system build that I did a little while back, so I may take the opportunity of a little retail therapy and buy a new one (probably an Antec to be sure of quality and reliability).

    I also read a review of my new mobo which suggested that the Asus nForce boards tend to be selective about memory compatibility, so I'll probably be getting some Crucial or Corsair memory too

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