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    Windows Xp: re-format and re-install question.

    I have a question about re-formatting and re-installing Windows Xp on a compaq computer. XP was pre-installed when I bought it and it didn't come with an XP disk, eventhough I bought it new. The case has an activation code sticker on it.

    I built a new computer a few months ago and bought an OEM XP disk.

    The Compaq is pretty old and is really slowing down and if I do a system restore it still has all kinds of programs I never use. All I use it for now is iTunes for playing music.

    I wanted to do a complete re-format and re-install XP using the OEM disk I used to build my new computer, and use the activation code that came with the Compaq.

    Will this work?? Is it legal??

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    I dont know if that will work, i THINK it will, but im not sure if the OEM copy will work with the compaq key. You may have to use your OEM key, and i THINK you need to be a computer technician or something to do that. You are a computer tech, right?

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    well, I was hoping it would be really easy and wouldn't be a problem. That sucks because I already installed XP on my new computer using the key that came with the disk. So I can't use that key again on another computer.

    I have 2 keys and only one disk. I don't want to buy another copy of XP just so I can do a re-format.

    Why didn't I get a copy of XP when I bought my Compaq?? That really sucks. All I got was a restore disk and that doesn't do me a lot of good.

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    i believe it will work, compaq uses oem copies then makes images onto restore disks
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    Hmm, So is there anyway to install windows from the restore disk?? I tried to browse the disk but I don't really know what I'm looking for.

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    Have you tried to turn off system restore, then delete the stuff you don't want?
    Then turn system restore on.

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    The restore disk possibly accesses a hidden partition on the Compaq HDD.

    You need to get the identical type of install disk (friends,coworkers) as was originally put on the Compaq, and the key might work. (Like XP Home-XP Home, Pro-Pro, Upgrade-Upgrade, etc.) The first thing I'd do, however, is to verify the installed (Compaq) key. The Magical Jellybean Keyfinder is a tiny, cool program that will tell you just that.
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