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    excel formula - months, days, hours, minutes between two dates with times

    i have two columns formatted as date cells with dates & times, read 12/1/05 12:00am. I want to find out calculate how many months, days, hours, and minutes are between the two.

    i broke up the date and times in their own columns. Right now im stuck trying to find out how much time will pass to the end of the day. I'm testing with 12:56pm. trying to find how much time will pass to 11:59pm. the formula i wrote looks like this,
    Problem is that this is a negative number and excel won't display it.

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    You have to work with GMT (military, 24 hour time) not the am/pm for calculations to work properly. So midnite is 24:00:00, 11:59:59pm would be 23:59:59 - and noon would be 12:00:00. If necessary you can convert back to the am/pm system for the results cell.

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    i changed to military time and that part now works. Thank you.

    however, now im trying to find how many days are between the end date and the begin date + 1, cus we already calculated the time for the first day. I wrote the following formula.


    we're focusing on this part right here ((DAY(Y4)-(DAY(W4)+1))*24).

    w4 is begin date, y4 is the end date. Problem is when i tell it to multiply, it multiplys the number of days times 24. So if this was 1 day, i get +24 days out. I want to get +24 hours out.

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    i have a spreadsheet that is supposed to calculate time, but when a date like 1/1/2006 23:59 and 1/3/2006 00:01 is entered, it sums it up as 2 minutes instead of 24 hours and 2 minutes. ?

    how much does it cost to have a spreadsheet custom made?

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