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    Anything Java-scripted/applet will not work on my computer

    I am running a windows XP system, and java oriented applications, even simple ones, just crash, or work really slow, or just simply freeze. Some of the programs include Steam (from Valve, used to launch games such as counterstrike, and half life 2), the Zbrush installation file, which I am assuming installs with Java, and java itself, just right clicking on the tray icon and then clicking about will open up a window, in which everything inside it is gray, and my mouse and computer start getting choppy and laggy until I Ctrl + Alt + Delete it or somehow manage to kill it from running.

    Does anyone know of some kind of program, or registry setting that controls/bans/corrupts java scripts from running?

    I tried uninstalling all of my anti virus software and disabling my windows firewall, but still no good.


    Thanks ahead.

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    You might want to try making sure you have the latest version of the Java Runtime environment, and that its properly installed.

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    I did download the latest Java package from Sun's website, and I believe it installed completely.

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