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    XP without a internet connection

    I've put together a computer for use as an audio / video studio. It has a slot-one p3-500 with a intel chipset motherboard.....512 ram......two 40G WD hard drives.I also have a firewire PCI board that serves as my connector to my Mini DV camcorder. My video applications keep crashing my Win98SE OS and I'm thinking of installing Win Xp Home Edition that was given to me (that's another story :-)
    I hear its more geared towards audio and video applications. Problem is that this computer does not have a internet connection...nor do I want it to. Will XP install? Is it as stable as the hype says?

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    Yes it will install and yes, in my opinion, it is as stable as the "hype" claims.

    You will have to activate it over the phone... but thats not a biggy.


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    Yes it will install, though you will have to do product activation over the phone with M$.

    Is it as stable as the hype says? IMO, it is a very stable OS. If you have seen/run 2k it has about the same stability.
    I migrated from 98SE to XP and have been very, very satisfied. My 98 would crash at least once a day, run out of memory non-stop, etc. In XP I don now have these problems.

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    It will still install properly. Your issue will be the activation, it must be done. It does not have to be done via the Internet..I believe there is a phone number you can call too.

    It seems very stable to me, especially compared to Win9x.

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