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    AVG 2011 64-bit - update causing boot problem on Win 7

    Some Windows 7 Operating Systems Cannot Be Started After Latest Update
    Free Antivirus | Forum - Some Windows 7 Operating Systems Cannot Be Started After Latest Update
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    I had the same problem on XP Pro (SP3). I ending up removing each component and the problem went away. And this was on one of the bigger rigs I built. I also think it burned up a strip of good OZR 2GB memory. I have swapped slots and machines and memtest can't even SEE the card. Thank goodness it was a pretty rugged Gigabyte mobo.

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    this also happened to a friend of mine weirdly tough he was running windows 7 32bit so im not sure if its the same issue he had vista on the computer before installing 7 all went fine till he installed AVG he done a restart then the computer gave an error ''this display is not supported'' weird i tough he brought it into pc world here in ireland and the said the computer was unfixable surely AVG could cause this much damage could it?everything was fine on the PC prior to the install of AVG

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