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Thread: Windows Updates

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    Question Windows Updates

    I, for one, do not use Windows Updates on MY computers. They're more trouble than they're worth, IMO. I do go for Service packs, though.

    My wife has just gotten a new Toshiba laptop w/ Win 7 and I was wondering how the rest of yous guys feel about this subject.
    I have installed Avast anti virus , Super Anti Spyware, and Zone Alarm as I usually do.
    And run Firefox..

    Opinions Anyone????

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    I've always installed updates and SP's on MANY computers for MANY years and have only had maybe two problems. One of those was a mobo chipset driver that showed up for ALL computers for all people and made a big mess for a short peiod of time....

    Then you factor in the MILLIONS of other people that don't know what updates are but get them automaticaly installed and 99.99999% of the time without issues.
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    By using SPs you are essentially using updates you are just waiting forever the what is basically an all-in-one solution. Some updates are a good thing to install right away, some not so much. Over ye years there have been a few that actually made PCs run worse. But those are few and far between. Anything that is critical and security related I install right away. Anything else can usually wait. But as Steve said I've personally never had issues with anything.
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    I've had WU running on autopilot for my Win 7-64 desktop for two years without a single problem.

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    No issues with windows update with W7 x64 pro

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    Very rarely had a problem, but it dose happen.

    For the most part, I stick with the critical ones, unless I know I need it.

    Seems to me there was an XP update a year or 2 ago that messed up everyone computer.
    I missed that one, because my computer was off, and I didn't turn it on, until it was fixed (by accident)

    A minor programs, stopped running with Win2000, several years ago.
    I had a cheap monster truck game, that stopped working with an update.

    All in all, it is way less than 1%, of updates, that give problems.
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