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Thread: New Linux User

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    Question New Linux User

    Hello.! I am a brand new linux user and I am also very new to this site. It's nice to see a great amount of intelligent people in one place
    First off, I'd like to ask a very simple question. What version of linux do you think is the best one? Which version are you most familiar with?

    Now, I will be getting a mac computer very soon, and I want to know if it would be a good idea to install linux instead. I'm not a big fan of windows or mac.
    I am also very concerned with the Wireless internet cards that are build into the laptop or desktop that I will be getting. How can I be assured that those cards will still work even after the installation of Linux?

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    What wireless card do you have?

    Why would you buy an Apple just to install Linux on it?

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    If you are not a fan of Windows (M$), Or Mac, why aren't you buying a PC, and installing Linux on it.
    Mac, builds Mac computers, you know.

    As far as Linux distros, Ubuntu, and Mint, are the 2 most popular, at the moment.

    I've used Linux for years, but am not a power user, So I like Ubuntu, and I even like the newest one, that power users hate.

    If you don't like command line computing, you are not going to be a power user.

    Ubuntu, is just like windows, as far as setup.
    The only piece of hardware you may have issues with, are Nvidia Graphics, cards.
    They just made some kind of announcement, about supporting Linux, so That too, may become a non issue.

    In my opinion, there is never a reason to buy anything mac though, especially a computer, if you are not going to use their operating system.
    Unless you have money to burn.
    Hard Sayin Not Knowin

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    Agreed, there's no point in buying a Mac just to run Linux. You're better off saving the extra money or putting it towards something else.

    I've mostly used Red Hat based distros, and CentOS as of late.

    With regards to Nvidia graphics cards in Linux, I've actually had pretty good experiences. Sure there are bugs now and then but they are things that gpu developers will notice mostly. Yes, there will be some interesting things when you try to do special things. But as for installing the driver and configuring multiple displays, it's been fairly easy for me.

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    I'm going to agree with not throwing money at a mac if you don't want to run OS X.

    Also gonna recommend the Ubuntu distro for many reasons:
    - Ease of use
    - Widespread Use
    - Support knowledge base

    Later on, if you like what you see, try a *real* distro...or at least drop Gnome3 with Unity *bleh*

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    I'd recommend Mint, which is based on Ubuntu but didn't go with the new Gnome 3 interface. It installs on anything I've thrown it at and several different wireless cards and video cards worked out of the box.

    I agree with everyone here, having an apple with a bite out of it on the cover makes things cost more. Don't buy it if you don't like Macs.

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