I have an issue with Server 2012 R2 I'm hoping someone can help me fix.

It has to do with the new Work folders sync which I've previously setup and had working. The issue as as follows:

The software works fine until a server restart then...

After a server restart my client machines display the message "There was a problem finding your work folders server: No sync server could be found for the user(0x80c80301)

I've trawled google and the technet forums for an answer however no one seems to have solved it.

I have a self signed certificate bound to my default website on port 443 and am using the work folders URL(https) to connect from client machines. I've also done a gpupdate and added my public .cert to my trusted root certificates on client machines.

I think the problem may lay in updating my AD Schema however I'm told server 2012 does this automatically.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.