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    Computers Without Junkware

    DOOG found this Signature line of MS OS laptops at the weight-class 2 - 2.9 lbs.

    The Signature line purportedly did not have the typical "junkware" most computers purchased retail have. the reason he have all that junkware is that they get paid by SW venders to pack "trialware" on your machine which is yet another reason why DIY desktop are better; however, for laptops we are stuck with what the dealers put in .

    Even uninstalling is only partial solution because there is a representation in the Registry open to only those so brave as to go in. I recall it was DELL who said that it would take about $50 to avoid the junkware--which is what the manufacturers must have gotten at that time per machine.

    For those who are interested, ther are also heavier laptops and also desktops without junkware in the Signature line.


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    Signature series has been around for a while, they had them with Windows 8 Tablets years ago, Lenovo or it was HP, or possibly both, had a series of Windows 8 tablets (relatively cheap too) that were Signature series with just the barebone OS and minimal extras added.

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