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    Help with creating a Training Records database to track employee training

    I have not been able to find an Access training database template to build on so I have chosen "Access Hrd Employee Salary" database (from Access-Templates.Com) and "Task List" database to work with.

    1st item I need help with:
    Most of the Training Courses need a "Renewal" date. I am editing the "Task" database and precisely the "Priority" column for this function - which will become the renewal date (1 year, 2 years, 3 years). Is there possibly a way for the Course topic "WHMIS" to be associated with the renewal date (not everyone inputting this data will know what it is). As each person (new or employee) takes a course I was hoping to perhaps create a drop down box to select the course name and the associated renewal date would appear in the next column. The person could then enter the session information. A report could be generated based on the next renewal date to plan ahead and just about every column in the database. Sooo... I need help firstly with;

    1. How do I associate the renewal duration time with the course name?
    2. Do I list these in a table?

    I have attached a dbase that I thought would be less painful to edit than anything else I found.

    Thanks in advance for your knowledgeable assistance,
    Database User
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    Did you look at the database I posted in your other thread from February?

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