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    Angry does defrag slow my computer down???

    my computer seemed to take a while when loading a program so i ran defrag on both hard drives. now, the computer is slower than ever. i opened up Mozilla and the hard drive light is on... my computer has no case on it, just a box so i put my hand on both hard drives and feel that BOTH are just givin er, they're spinning full speed. the computer is on the floor and i can feel the vibration from the hard drives from a few feet away there..... the hard drive light is ALWAYS on and it's constantly using the hard drive even when the computer is virtualy idle such as after loading a program it will have the hard drive goin full power for a few minutes after the program was opened.

    it's Windows XP Home.

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    the answer to this is yes, there are some cases where defragging your drive WILL SLOW your computer down.

    let me explain...

    unlike the built-in defragger in win9x, the built in defragger for w2k & xp has a very limited intelligence. it uses a best-fit space algorithm as far as to what sectors are available and where to move the fragmented files.

    this becomes a problem when a program needs to read multiple files from a folder if the contents of that folder are scattered to the far ends of the partition.

    for example, the system32 folder has many run-time DLLs. if your defragger were to jumble those files all over the drive, you would notice a longer bootup time the next time you powered up the machine. the old free version of Executive Software's was guilty of doing this also.

    i know they recently updated that free version so i can't say if it's any better now.

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    you might wanna see if you can get a copy of norton utilities 2002 or 2003... speed disk can do a much better job than the bui9lt in xp one...

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