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    Talking I switched to linux Now WHAt?

    I finally got my Mandrake 9.1 installed on my system... and i have two hardrives...

    How do I mount one of the FAT32 Drives containing all my MP3's so i can listen to them and why is mandrake running so slow??? I had mandrake before but this time it is running slower than when i installed REDHAT...

    i have a 900mhz 376mb SDRAM pc with two hardrives... even XP is faster than mandrake 9.1

    What can I do to make it faster and how can I mount the hardrive containing the mp3's or pictures (FAT32) if possible.... and so can i transfer files?

    Some did reply to my other thread and told me that it is possible to access my FAT32 partition, Is this true?

    PLease Help!! and by the way.. MANDRAKE 9.1 is cooL!

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    Chances are they're already mounted...
    check /mnt/win_c and /mnt/win_d etc.. those should be your FAT drives..

    Do a 'top' and see if something is eating your processor.
    (hit ctrl-z to exit it)
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    thanx a million

    thank you so much for your support...
    (support like this you can't get anywhere else)

    i will stick to this "techimo.com" forum stuff cuz its really helpful and im willing to help you guys or comment on things if you ever needed my help..

    sorry... my pc is still slow could it be that >>>
    i installed Mandrake 9.1 on my free space (5.245gb) on my second hardrive???

    i looked at the specs before linux completly installed, it read
    ( linux swap=464mb )
    ( root=2.38gb )
    ( home=1.45gb)
    ( ???=1.8gb ) <<< i can't remember that last one......

    Point is that i installed it there because i am testing linux to see if it works for me... and its just fine..... just not fast enough... its frustating...

    One last thing.... i can access my fat32 drive using GNONE UI but not in KDE???

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    One thing you can do that will really speed up KDE, is run the KDE Desktop configuration wizard, and when you get to the section that says "processor speed," turn it to the lowest settings. This disables a lot of the eye candy that hogs resources.

    Also, you are probably using ext3 as your filesystem. I installed the last couple times with reiserfs as my filesystem, and it probably gave about a 20% speed increase for just general usage.

    Also, is that second hard drive an older, slower 5400rpm drive, if so that'll hog you down some too.

    Plus, if you remove the unneccessary running services, that'll speed you up too.

    Oh, and make sure you have DMA enabled on your hard drives and cdroms...

    You can probably access your drives in KDE, but there's not a desktop icon for them... just right click -> create new -> hard disc
    under the device tab, select your partition

    It'll be
    hda if it's master on the primary IDE
    hdb if it's slave on the primary
    hdc if it's master on the secondary
    hdd if it's slave on the secondary

    Then the partitions are numbered in the order of the partition.

    So the second partition on the master drive on the secondary ide cable would be:



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