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Vmware converter and test environments

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Anyone who is an application/server engineer knows the pains with upgrading third party software on a physical machine. Issues such as crashing, blue screens, software incompatibilities, data corruption can occur leaving prolonging the downtime of a server (and in some extreme cases a total server install/backup) This is a huge inconvenience to network admins and users, and this is where virtual environments really shine. Running ESXI in our environment there is a tool called vmware converter you can get for free with an account.

VMware vCenter Converter, Convert Physical Machines to Virtual Machines

This allows for two options, moving a physical machine completely over to a vm environment or (if you donít want to move it) making a testing environment in a VM. It takes a few clicks and depending on the size of the machine, your network speeds and the computer speeds to convert a physical machine a short amount of time. Just be careful if you leave the physical box on and power on the VM!


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