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QNAP stupidness with Rsync and delta copy

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A QNAP NAS (TS-212) was purchased for the charity I work with to remotely backup their data in case of an emergency from a Windows box. I have a QNAP at home and remember reading that it supports rsync which is perfect for a free backup solution. I found delta copy and decided to give it a try and boy was this a pain in the ass to get working but here is how I got it going.

First enable rsync on the QNAP device: Application > backup station > backup server > rsync server > check both enable backup from a remote server and allow remote server to back up to nas.
I kept the default port
Next enter the username and password you want to use (note the password you used)

Now create your back up folder on the NAS (I made it just backup) and then you need to create a QNAP user using the username and password you set under the rysnc settings. I made mine part of the admin group and gave it only read/write to the backup folder (im gonna test if it can just be the everyone group for security reasons)

Now after you install delta copy open the delatcopy client

Create a new profile
Profile name: backup
server: your server ip here
virtual directory: backup (this is the folder you created on the NAS).

Now click the profile you create and click add folder, click the options tab and uncheck remove delete files from server and under the authentication enter the username and password you created

This does work over the internet, you will need to forward port TCP 873 to your machine. I have enabled security on the NAS to only respond to the WAN IP address of the charity and the local network it is sitting on
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