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Using a Wok?

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by , September 20th, 2007 at 06:20 PM (1380 Views)
Does anyone know how to use a Wok, can you use them on an electric range? Mine has a metal ring I'm unsure if thats the base or what it is for. I have never actually used it.


  1. Detritus's Avatar
    Is your wok a round bottom or flat bottom wok? If it came with the ring I'm betting it's a round bottom and wont work very well on an electric range, there simply isn't enough wok surface in contact with the heating element. That little ring is to stabilize the wok and concentrate the heat on a gas range.
  2. Theophylact's Avatar
    The other thing about using a wok ring on an electric stove is that if you put it wide-side down, it can trap so much heat under it that it'll damage the enamel around the burner. Another reason I like gas stoves...
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