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    Looking into A+, just need a little advice

    Well the title basically explains what I am looking for, advice. I have always been to occupied with technology specifically computers most of my life. Love playing on them, working on them, hell the one I am using now I helped build (My uncle helped me alot tho I mainly watched). I have learned alot over the years by breaking the family computer and fixing it before the parents got home lol, my family actually comes to me to help with computer issues and I love giving them a hand! So I decided that I enjoy it so much I should actually take a step into making it a career and to stop being the lazy bum I am now lol. I found a local book store that can order a A+ Certification book for me for 30$ and that seemed like a good start. So any tips or advice you can give me with starting out would be helpful. Is the A+ Certification the best place to start and if not where should I start? Thanks in Advanced

    Also has anyone ever actually got the "human test" wrong when registering a new account lol? I had "what is 12 + 2" super hard had to use my calculator on that one I kid of course

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    Lol 108 Views and no replies?

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    IMO - there really isn't a reason to pay for study material. Almost everyone I know that has taken the tests in the past few years did so only having studied the materials and practice tests that can be easily found through Google. So that is where I'd start. If after taking a few practice tests you still think you need more study info then you might look at a paid option.

    Is the A+ Certification the best place to start and if not where should I start?
    That's really hard to say and really depends on what you are looking to get into. We've always gone back and forth on whether or not an A+ is even needed. Its really just the bottom entry level to even be considered for some jobs but in most cases if you have some verifiable experience you won't even need one or they'll pay for you to get one.

    If you are looking to get into say doing straight computer repairs, with really nothing else. I'd look around at potential jobs that are available well before shelling out the couple hundred dollars for the tests. Apple to a few positions to see if you can get a foot in the door.

    The human test is just something to deter spammers, not sure how well it works but its hard to bypass than just a captcha image.
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    I was joking about the Human test I know the reasoning for it just thought it was a funny way of doing it Really I am looking to expand more than Computer Repairs but I have never been to college and really do not have professional experience so I figured it would be a good way to get my foot into the door, everyone got to start somewhere. As far as going after that I really don't know what I want to pursue. I do have interests in networking (I set my mine up and yes I no it does not compare to a big business network set up but I do enjoy setting them up for family and friends) but my real passion (as corny as that sounds lmao) is with the hardware of a computer.

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    First off, id recommend you look through the many other threads here that ive responded too concerning the A+. You will find the often linked Messer videos that is offered free and covers about 70% of the material.

    Second, you need to decide if your doing this for a job or your doing it for career. I like to think that "computers" as a career is something like being a doctor. I am purposefully going to scare you now btw. The technology career is not a get rich quick scheme type job where you suddenly land a 100k+ a year job and never have to work passed your 30's because your filthy rich. You are investing in your own personal growth, skills, and abilities for the rest of your life. This is the marriage of careers. Once your in, you start knee deep and it only gets worse. This will entail college, somehow, at some point in time. It may not be off the start but it will be sooner than later. This will entail moving out of your home town and being an adult all by your lonesome. That can be especially scary.

    So scared yet? I don't honestly think that your going to get scared but i feel it adds impact and gravity to what i share.

    As i have already shared with everyone previously asking this same question... If your not in college for this, go to college for Computer Science and see if you like it. If programming isnt your thing, meet with your departmental councilor and find out what else you can do such as classes in DBA, web development, graphic design, or if your lucky some sort of "professional development" in networking, administration, or some other specialized classes to help you get your feet wet and understand whats really out there. If at any point you quit, save yourself and the rest of us doing this for a living the trouble and don't bother trying anymore. Seriously. I find it hard enough competing for jobs in my area for positions that its retarded. Thankfully im gainfully employed and tolerate being an underling.

    Just like anything else your mom said you could be when you were a kid, this is entirely true. The sad thing is that we can't help you. The best we can do is offer suggestions, a pat on the back when you succeed and a shoulder or at least a reply saying better luck next time when you fail. This is ENTIRELY on your shoulder to find the path and get running until you reach Marathon. PS: I can't believe i tied in greek mythology into my reply.

    So what do you need to figure out your path!? That entirely depends ...

    If you life in Idaho or one of the farm states, your going to want to look at going to college or better yet go to an out of state college. I hate debt and student loans are one of the very few things you can not remove when you declare bankruptcy so i don't suggest that. If you flip burgers, sell shoes, or what ever to put yourself through a JC... Do it. College is going to be your first educational and networking resource. You will find that in the tech industry as in many industries, networking is key. Know everyone and make sure they know who you are. Being a great tech is only part of the job, charisma and empathy can do wonders even if your scratching your head and have no clue what your doing. Get into classes, meet other students and more importantly get to know your professors and the departmental staff. They will offer guidance and more importantly, hopefully your first internship. If your lucky, you will have a year of experience and a degree before you even enter the job market. You automatically have more to offer than most other grads.

    If you happen to be lucky and be in an area that is heavy on tech, California, Texas, Florida, and New York come to mind. Getting your A+ separates you from the average 16 yo kid who has been fixing everyone's computers since he was 10. My little brother and some highschool friends teamed up and made cash hand over fist doing it over summer and in their spare time during the school year. I would recommend the A+ only if you can find a job and they ask for it. Despite the closing of stores, see if you can get in at a local Geek Squad and start hustling through anything you can learn from them. If you happen to have a decent store, an older agent may be able to mentor and teach you the ways.

    It all depends. I realize this might be a bit lengthy so i will bring this to a close. I can speculate until i get sick of thinking of hypothetical situations that your in so i wont stretch my imagination too much. If you want to tell us about you and your situation then by all means, i can play good ear and offer some advice based on what i hear. I can't study, take or even choose the tests to take. I cant see into the future and tell you what you should do but ... the infamous but ... You can do all this and more if your willing to dedicate and put in 150%.

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    Scared ya away ... oh well ...

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    Lol no you didn't scare me I work 12 hour shifts so I don't always have much time on the web. I already moved away from my hometown (won't lie I miss it alot but I am already in the adult world) and I have no problem moving to advance in the career. I know it is not a get rich quick scheme lol I enjoy computers and I feel any place of business whether it is just a job or a career (which I hope to make out of it) it should be something you enjoy. I live in Cape Girardeau, MO I wouldn't say it is a big tech place we have 5+ little computer stores and a geek squad from best buy but thats about it as far as I know. I have no problem going to college I had actually planned to start saving and hopefully get in next year or the year after. Also no worries about me quitting that is something I don't do, if I set it as a goal I keep moving until it is done. My plan was to get my A+ and try to get into one of the smaller computer stores or the geek squad so I can start earning experience in the tech field. Tried to cover everything you mentioned in your post, may have missed something but time to get back to work.

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