Mitt Romney, exit stage right. A little quicker, please … | Jay Bookman

It’s true that Romney’s political career has now ended, and that his sole remaining function is to sit on the stage during the inaugural ceremonies, his presence required as official recognition of his own defeat. But the mindset that he revealed in that infamous “47 percent” tape, the mindset that he confirms in his latest remarks, continues to be a serious problem for the party he represented.
Should Mitt Romney exit stage left? - The Arena | POLITICO.COM

The Washington Post reports that Republicans appear to want Mitt Romney to disappear - and quickly. GOP members are clearly distancing themselves from comments Romney made this week, saying that President Obama won the election because of “gifts” he gave to minorities and young people.

Is there any future for Mitt Romney as a leading figure in the Republican Party? Or does he need to quietly exit stage left before he does any additional damage?
Right??? Left????

Bye Bye Willard.