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    Smile Trump building Wall around Obama's house

    Walls work! Obama is building a wall around his new DC house - Red Alert Politics

    Clinton Foundation to pay and use Mexican "Undocumented" workers.

    Obama UN speech warns voters against walls and nationalism - CNNPolitics.com
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    Ya just gotta love the hypocrisy of the Left. Anti-Gun Leftist celebrities won't leave their house without a bodyguard who is armed with (?) you guessed it, a gun.

    And yes, they also build a wall or have a fence around their entire property or estate to prohibit unwanted entry.

    As for anti-gun, anti-wall Barry, I wouldn't be surprised to learn he'll also have several commandos on his rooftop armed with machine guns to ward off any dangers.

    As for little old me, I'm the bodyguard for my family, both Home and Personal Defense. And yes, both my houses have fenced in backyards, however that was to keep our kids and pets safe.

    Ain't it funny how these Leftist snake oil salesmen charlatans tell us one thing as they do the opposite.

    Methinks anti-gun Barry should go back to Chicago and Rahm Emanuel and buy a house on the south side, so he can see first hand all the great accomplishments his Leftism beliefs have fostered.

    Oh hell, that would probably require a fortress, and I'm sure he would somehow connive a way for us taxpayers to fund it.
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