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    Amazon's Ship date is now November 1, 2004. Crazy times.

    Quote Originally Posted by tony_j15
    Dude, its still August! we still got a month! Valve is supposed to ship a release candidate to Vivendi in the next couple weeks or so.
    You said by September... Besides, if Valve released a statement saying it went gold, I don't think many people would believe them, anyway.

    Every site seems to have a different date. When in the world is this game going to come out?

    HL2 fans have been waiting a long time...
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    Methinks we got a diferrence of interpretation...I should'nt have used the word "by", "in" would have caused less confusion. my bad.

    hey, so far so good: al the dates still say it'll come out in 2004

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    This one says Dec 2004
    Which would make sense right before christmas
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    Ok, rule of thumb with OFFICIAL video game releases. 99% of the time games are released on a Tuesday. So whatever of the dates mentioned in this thread and if that date is a Tuesday, then that's what I'm stickin with! w0000000t

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