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    Sep 2012
    I really like battle field series. Specially battle field 3.

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    Anyway I want a COD with World war theme like the first and second episode

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    I always like to play challenging type of games:
    Diamond dash
    Road rash
    Car racing

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    My favorite game is HL2

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    wow this is almost a decade old thread and its fascinating to see that halflife is still one of the favorites for many, including me

    Op, Just curious about what you think about this thread now?

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    I like American army game .Its something to be different.Its very interesting to play.

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    Jul 2013
    COD, NSMBU, and Batman: AC. I am really enjoying Batman right now, but COD still gets some multiplayer time.

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    Jul 2014
    Myfavorite games are :-

    Prince of persia (pop)
    NeedFor Speed

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