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    Best games with bots

    Hi everyone,

    I've just started getting into multiplayer gaming with a few blokes from work. We mostly play UT2004 because if the teams are uneven, we can join up and go against bots.

    Are there any other games that let you do this?

    We all really like FarCry, but I can't work out how we can do a co-op mission in this or the other FPS games we have.

    Can anyone recommend other FPS games that we can go co-op against bots?



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    Counterstrike source has built in bots.
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    Rainbow Six 3 is fun and has bots...
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    yes i like CS bots

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    Uhh, Halo?

    I forget if the PC version has co-op or not, the console did.

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    SWAT 3 and 4 has built in bots that are huge fun to place against.

    if you want some really old school action, pick up Delta Force 2 and do co-op. you can play 32 vs bots

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    I like the UT2004 bots too. The CS:Source bots are very good I think. I mean you can be nasty and slay them or give them knives only etc. and just slaughter them. They are quite good fun with a few mates, which I've done before. It's quite funny when you and a couple of your friends play against about 20 bots all with knives and all we use is the AWP or the big meaty machine gun and pick them of as the run towards us. Or you can play them normally and they're quite good. Better even than many of the noobs who actually play online.

    Can't think of any others that have being worth playing against though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArcticFox
    Uhh, Halo?

    I forget if the PC version has co-op or not, the console did.
    Halo never had any bots in Multiplayer...

    And the PC version doesn't have Co-op play...

    Well, I played the demo of UT 04...it was good, but I liked the original UT better...check out UT GOTY...it is the best UT out IMO.
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    condition zero ? but they are easy...

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    I would Source game's aswell, some of the best bot's available.
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    Perfect Dark for the N64. Best bot action EVER.

    Need I say more?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoloCamo
    I would Source game's aswell, some of the best bot's available.
    nah UT2K4 bots are still the best multiplayer bots, perfect teamwork <-
    and realistic aiming, better than that CSS aiming ;p (always looks like they aim slightly right above the enemies head ;P

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