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Thread: 86.12 seconds

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    86.12 seconds

    Can you do better?


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    Wow, your posting so much crap it's almost like spam.

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    No it isnt spam my friend.......

    I dont partay in such things.......

    I only post fun things

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    "fun" is relative. When you post links to three supposedly "fun" games in less than two minutes its kind of obvious that even you didn't find that it held your attention span too long.

    I suggest you start a thread called Dude's amazingly fun game links and only post future fun things in there. To some of us older, slower, mean cranky people, the amount of threads you post does seem like spamming.

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    Im sorry.......

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    add in the fact that the same exact postings are on many many other sites as well (simple copy & paste job I'm guessing), a google search reveals this easily (& yes I've already checked, as far as almost 8 to 10 pages in there are other forums with your posts identical to many here)... then yeah some/many may see it as spam very easily...

    tony's suggestion is a good idea, was going to post something similar last night but was too tire & had 4 hours to get some sleep & be up & heading into work.

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    Since there are no ads, I doubt that it's spam - unless he's trying to build up a viral following before monetizing it. In any case, it's challenging - only got 17.093 seconds after a few tries .
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