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Thread: Doom 4

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    Doom 4

    Doom 4 To Be Revealed On July 17 At Quakecon - News - www.GameInformer.com

    Ill be honest I really havent been following many games and heard you can get the demo if you buy the new Wolfenstein. I played through the third one (I don't remember anything about it,except that it made me jump a couple of times)

    So anyone excited about this or they dont care? Right now, until I see footage its not on my radar

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    Doom 3 was a blast for it's time. The cutting edge (how quaint now, right?) graphics were stellar.

    But I haven't paid attention to Id of late, especially since they sold to Zenimax and Carmack left.

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    Last couple games from them have been less than stellar as well...

    Rage for example, started out good, but it still has unresolved bugs, and MAJOR ones at that, which actually break the game and make it unplayable for many, like myself.

    And worst part, its early on in game, so you don't even really get into it to finish.

    Only way to really play it through and able to finish, is to buy a copy of the Console versions, and play on one of those.

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    Doom 4 (Now just called Doom) got a lot of good feedback during the revealing earlier this month. Most of the comments were saying that the look and feel of the game was very similar to Doom 3 and just as scary, which is a good thing IMO.

    I remember having to purchase a new video just to play Doom 3. IIRC, I upgraded from a Geforce 2 to an FX5900 (Can't remember if it was the ultra or regular version).

    I am looking forward to the rebooted Doom and hope it keeps the same scare tactics.
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