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    Playstation Now

    With PlayStation Now, Sony proves that game streaming works | Ars Technica

    When Sony launched its PlayStation Now service as a beta last year, the ridiculous per-game rental pricing structure stopped us from giving it any serious consideration almost immediately. Last week, though, the service graduated from beta with a more feasible all-you-can-play subscription plan. Suddenly this was an opportunity. Has the idea of running games on remote servers advanced at all since OnLive's ahead-of-its-time launch back in 2010?
    This is pretty cool! The idea that we will be moving away from consoles is awesome!

    Sony has already announced a tv with this built in capability later this year. I support this, however for those with slow internet speeds (and the whole deal with net neutrality and paying for priority bandwidth) those could be limiting factors.

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    The Sega Channel was pretty cool, in its time.

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    Unfortunately it cost extra around here, that we couldn't get it, TCI locally before Charter moved in and took over locally was already charging us an arm and leg already, and parents wouldn't pay for it even though I offered to pay for it with my job at the time, using my brothers Genesis, even though I was on SNES, but still.

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    I don't think I would like it built-in to a tv, personally. I don't rate the reliability of built-in DVD players and the older built-in VHS players very highly.

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