I started gaming about the year 2000, with an original Sony Playstation. It was okay, but I quickly discovered it was a bit of a gamble with each game. Many were just unplayable because the interface was lousy.

Started computer gaming around 2002. What I was unpleasantly surprised to learn was that these games were not as reliable as the Sony games. On the contrary, everything was full of bugs, crashed and the manuals were nearly useless. I'd go onto forums looking for help and people acted as if this were a normal thing.

If you buy a car, and the wheels fall off, you don't treat that calmly. So why do people accept games that have been
deliberately released without adequate playtesting? Why not an independent third party that playtests games and awards them with
a "guaranteed not to suck" sticker?

It's gotten even worse now. Suckers out there are actually paying for games before they are released, "pre-ordering" and even PAYING to be playtesters in games that in development mode! That's hyper-creepy.

It's sort of like dealing with women. Why are so many women snotty and stuck up? Why is it such a hassle to get laid?
Because we did it to ourselves. We "bid up" the market value of pussy, far beyond what it is worth. Men offered too much, for too
long for too little and now we all suffer for it.

Same with the game industry. They're ripping us off, and we thank them for it.