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    AlienWare Graphics Amplifier: Worth he $200 Bucks ?

    Opinions sought on AlienWare Graphics Amplifier Box.

    DOOG is considering an AlienWare laptop or even Alpha SFF desktop:

    Alienware Alpha | Mini Gaming PC | Dell

    This box allows you to add an extra full-size graphics card (or is it two?) to an Alien Laptop or Alien Desktop --not DELL-- (the card(s) is of extra cost). By placing the Graphics card in the Amplifier Box it avoids upgrading directly the desktop and makes possible running an Alien Laptop off a full-size graphics card of a wide range of different makes of gaming cards.

    Fuel meets fire: Supercharge gaming with the Alienware Graphics Amplifier. Simply plug in and enjoy a premium desktop experience with VR, immersive 4K graphics and big performance.

    Evolve in tandem: The Alienware Graphics Amplifier was designed with the future in mind. Easily upgrade your graphics cards with this accessible design – with support for full-length, double-wide, PCI-Express x16 graphics cards – so you can take advantage of the graphics performance increase without having to upgrade your entire system.
    Gaming without sacrifice.

    For years, gamers have been forced to compromise. They could choose a notebook for prioritized mobility, but miss out on some of the performance and graphics experience only a gaming desktop can provide. Alternatively, they could enjoy truly intense at-home play, but stay chained to the desk. Finally, we have a means to deliver desktop-class, high-performance gaming graphics even to our most mobile laptop.

    Full Force: The graphics amplifier includes a 460 Watts internal power supply so you can run advanced graphics cards confidently. It’s designed with a single cord (6ft) that connects exclusively to the Alienware 13, 15, 17 R2 notebooks, Alpha R2 and X51 R3.

    Limitless Power: With the Graphics Amplifier, you can power as many additional screens as the graphics card within it can support. The performance from the Alienware Graphics Amplifier will be used on whichever screens the game or 3D application is running on.
    FROM >>>
    Alienware Graphics Amplifier | Dell

    I can only surmise that with a desktop the advantage is to be able to use the same expensive graphics card for bot a desktop and a laptop.
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    Only allows one to be use, if onboard or lower end GPU in system, this takes over when connected, so no SLI or anything.

    Its also only useful if the device connected to, has a Thunderbolt port, otherwise, if connected via USB, expect less than stellar performance on higher end GPU's used, even on a USB 3.0 port, which pales in comparison to Thunderbolt.

    Those base model Alpha's, the GPU is actually pretty decent, not super great, about on par with current $150 range GPU's, but still quite capable, biggest limiting factor is the CPU, though the i3 Dual cores aren't bad, unless you have no plans for really high end demanding games, an i5 Quad is the only way to go, or i7 Quad.

    base GTX 960 GPU isn't bad really, still quite capable.

    If you got that, you wouldn't need the graphics amplifier.

    And I've seen some of those Alpha's, go for $300-350 range on sale in last month or so online on various sites.

    Granted they're the "Steam Machine" Variants with no Windows Installed, and only Steam OS (Linux), but they are fully capable of running Windows 10 as well.

    Just so you're aware, the Alpha's are entirely integrated systems, the GPU used is a Mobile Laptop GPU, so is CPU, you can't interchange them, no PCIe Expansion slots, the only parts you can upgrade are RAM, HDD/SSD, and OS, everything else is embedded on the board like most laptops. It's basically laptop hardware in a desktop case.

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