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    RTCW...just get ET for free man

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    Originally posted by rastorize
    ...JUDGE: “Then by virtue of the fact that you are using the plaintiff’s software to commercially profit, you ARE exploiting their product and you ARE using it for commercial purposes. Bailiff, take them away!”
    ... Any thoughts on that scenerio??...
    Probably a realistic conclusion. Unfortunate that some software makers have license agreements written in that fashion, especially like CounterStrike's EULA.

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    just curios what are you thinking of charging for this
    Hey who turned sigs on?

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    As far as pricing...we are not sure yet. I went to a local cafe yesterday and saw that they charged one of 2 ways...one was through a membership ($20 a year), and with this membership you paid $2.00 per hour to use the PC. Without a membership it was $4.50 per hour. They had 20 PC's and about 30 game titles offered...but the owner wasn't there so I wasn't able to find out how they licensed their games.

    It was funny...my wife went with me to check out this cafe and she said she was scared while she was in there!!...too many geeks in a dark confined space!

    Hey does anyone else have and Internet Cafe on this board?

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    Well, while I don't have an internet cafe, (yet ) I have talked with numerous gaming companies, as well as quite a few Internet/Gaming Cafe owners in different areas and countries.

    I have come to the conclusion that if you personally buy one(1) legal copy of a game for each computer, then you are ahead of approximately 75% of all Internet Cafes that I've talked to - which are at the moment close to 150. Ahead as far as the law, not money wise...

    Software companies (gaming companies are software companies too) are worried about a few different things:

    1. That they are making money.
    2. That they are not losing money/business to pirates/bootleggers.
    3. No one else is making money off of their work.
    And 4. That they are going to be able to keep making/selling software/game titles as their name and company grows.

    Now, I am not a lawyer, but have spoken with several of the companies regarding the use of their games in this type of environment. From the companies I have talked to, (Valve, EA Games, Sierra, Vivendi, Activision, and some other not so big names) they do not have a problem with you renting out time on a computer that you own, and that you have legally bought all the software running on said computer. However, there are some clauses and statements in the different companies EULAs and licenses that sound otherwise.

    I mentioned some of these types of statements to the companies themselves, and while it could be interpreted that you can't in any way shape or form use these games other than for personal use. The meaning and purpose of said statements refer to the use in machines such as Arcade machines, and other "pay-per-play" entertainment venues and methods. Now, when I say "pay-per-play" they don't mean you charging people to use a computer that has different games on it. A more appropriate term would have been, "pay-per-life" or "pay-per-round". You know what I'm talking about, those stupid arcades that have the "10 seconds to continue or all your money, time, and energy that you just spent on this useless game will be wasted" type of thing.

    To sum this all up: You are legally bound by most contracts/EULAs/licenses to not make money off of the game in and of itself. If you do that, then you would be considered a reseller or vendor, and would need to get certain special licenses already mentioned in this thread. What you can do though is, A. Charge a flat rate for computer time, not particular to any game or software program, and you are also able to have some sort of membership program or "VIP Club" of some sort to give the clients a discount on the use of your computer systems.

    Remember, in the end, they are paying you for the use of the system, not the software. They software is your property since you bought it, and as long as you have some sort of statement saying that displayed somewhere in your establishment, you will be fine.

    Well, the only other thing that comes to mind is that if you are going to want people(young people) coming in on a regular basis, you will need to have some sort of food/drink/refreshment schedule. For some favorite gamer's drinks (they're always a hit at LAN parties) Bawls is a must, Monster Energy, Jolt, and BuzzWater (BuzzWater is actually regular bottled water, but with some caffeine mixed in). Then there are different candies and mints like, Warp Mints, Jolt Gum, Penguin Mints, and XTZ candies. These kinds of things, while more expensive than say a Mountain Dew, or Sweet Tarts are a good seller, because they are not nearly as common and a special treat for gamers. All the stuff I've mentioned is available at ThinkGeek.com. Just go to ThinkGeek, and then click on "Caffeine" on the left hand side menu. That should hold you for a while. But, different kinds of pop are a necessity as well...

    I hope this helped you, and YGPM...


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    THANK YOU ALL! Especially davidamarkley...I'll let you know how it goes.

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    Hi, sorry for digging up a really old thread but I was wondering how the gaming cafe went? I recently started to think about opening one up as well.

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    What's the difference from this and kinko's you place money on a card and use a computer that has microsoft programs on it.

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    Fantastic breakdown. I hope this is still the case. I had the idea to open up a VR Arcade (VRcade is already trademarked) and I contacted a couple of developers to see what their take on charging for the time (not per game) would be okay with them or not. I'll update this when I hear back.

    PS. Sorry for bumping this old thread.

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    WooKie, I to have been planning a VR cafe. I'm actually ready to open. I'm just stuck on the licensing. Have you heard or found anymore research as to licensing issues we may counter?

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