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    Hooking up phone to computer

    Ok, so I'm wondering how to hook up a regular phone line or cell phone to the computer, so you can play sounds from the computer to the person on the phone.

    Anyone know how?

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    you would need an adapter to go from the speaker port on your computer into the headset of the cell phone...i don't know if such an adapter is available...it will probally depend on the phone...but radio shack is a good place to start for that kind of thing
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    Take a microphone and put it right at the ear piece of the telephone. Use some recording software and turn it on. Record the tones as you touch the different numbers. After which you can playback/attach the wave sound you made to an email or other AIM, ICQ etc (whatever).

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    Buvon, he doesn't want to record the touchtone sounds from the phone, he wants to play computer sounds directly through the telephone transmitter to the person on the listening end.

    As HeadBand mentioned, it's more involved with connecting your speakers than tapping into the phone line...how clearly do they need to hear the sounds?
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    you can place a speaker near to the mouthpiece (mic) so that the one you are talking to can hear it.
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