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    batch file question

    I posted in the recovery cd thread a little bit down but I figured that it was maybe diggin up too old of a thread! Here is my question in a new thread for y'all.

    I am using this code for the recovery cds taken from the thread mentioned previously.


    @echo off
    shsucdx /d:vide,t
    set path=a:\;t:\


    And now the restore.bat

    @echo off
    echo ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    echo System Restore Utility
    echo ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    if not exist hdimage.txt goto _notxt
    type hdimage.txt
    echo Copy disk image from CD-Rom to hard drive !!!
    set get=
    get c "Continue? [Y,N] : "
    if "%get%" == "Y" goto _y
    goto _end
    echo This will erase all data currently on your hard disk !!!
    echo Type "agree" to confirm this action.
    set get=
    get s "Type here: >"
    if "%get%" == "agree" goto _ok
    goto _end
    echo Loading...
    rem without -rb switch!
    ghost.exe -quiet -batch -sure -afile=NUL -clone,mode=load,src=t:\cdr00001.gho,dst=1
    if errorlevel 1 goto _abort
    echo Remove CD-Rom, and reboot system.
    goto _end
    echo [Aborted...]

    The problem I have is anytime there is the "set get=" I get an invalid command error. Am I supposed to use these in realtion with a specific boot files? I can't figure out why this is happening. I was just adding these files to a 98 boot disk and then moving those files to a cd. Am I doing this wrong? Any help would be great. I really need to get some kind of recovery system going.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I am on the way out the door right now..but I will try to come back and look at this again. If I forget, PM me. We can easily work this out.

    Are you using ghost for the image part of it?

    "Even a fool is thought to be wise if he is silent"

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    yes and thank you very much

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    uhh, I dont think you can just add these to a regular win98 boot floppy. Because it was made to work with a custom made boot floppy that I made with different cdrom drivers, no menu, etc etc.

    You have a private message.

    pm me back, JP
    "Even a fool is thought to be wise if he is silent"

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