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    Is 100 amps enough

    This may be a little off topic; however, I saw a post here a few weeks ago about a guy asking how much amps a PC pulls, and eyeryone was helpful in answering his/her questions.

    Therefore, my issue is as follows. I was thinking about renting a house, but the electical box is a 100amp box. However, there is a black box next to it, that if I remember correctly said 30amp on it. What is this? The house is electric everything. Range, air conditioner, heatpump(i think). Plus, I have a 2.8Ghz pc hooked up to my 50 lcd screen, with audio receiver, xbox:->, satellite.

    So my issue is will I flip the switch when I power up my toys? Should I find a 200amp house, any info would be greatly appreciated, being that I need to call today with yes/no on the house. Plus I don't guess it is good to stipulate they up the anti to a 200amp just for me.

    Most likely they would laugh

    Thanks for any help.

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    I live in a large split-level house with electric everything except heat (oil). It was always 100 Amps since it was built in the 70's but the wires started to get a little shoddy and we upgraded to new wires. While they were doing that, we had them upgrade us to 200 Amps from the pole. We never really had a problem with the 100 Amp line, but I run a heavy radio station as well as 8 computers, a 700W home theater system, etc. and when the oven or range would go on, the lights would dip a little. Since the upgrade we've never had that problem. It might have just been from the old lines, but I really don't know. I strongly believe that the 100 Amp system should be fine for you in a small house.


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    100amp is more than enough for a setup like that. I run 2 computers, 2 wall mount air conditioners, my stereo/entertainment center, ceiling fan, microwave, refridgerator, 2 fish tanks and a dishwasher on a 50amp feed.

    Only problem I get is occasionally I'll pop a 15amp circuit if I try plugging in something that draws too much amperage with something else running on the same circuit.
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    Welcome to TECHimo!!

    100 amp service is way too low, and the newer house building regs indicate a 200 amp service I think..(I have been away from the building/electrical service of housing too long).

    Call the power company and tell them what you are looking at..name all of the electrical appliances you see..ask them what the minimum power service should be...surely much more than 100 amps. An electric stove can draw 25 to 30 amps by itself when the oven and a couple of top burners are on high.

    100 amp service was the norm back when people did not have anything but some lighting in the house..and mostly (many) cooked on a wood burning stove...no air conditioning, no washing machines..dryers..hardly any appliances.

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    You shouldn't have any problems. I live in a rural area with mostly older homes and lots of people run computers on 100 amp service. But if the wiring is crappy and causes you problems get a UPS to smooth it out.

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    the 30 amp box is a addon because the 100 amp box does not have enough slots to add any more circuts, which tell me that it is already overloaded.
    existing thing would probly work ok, but you really need to have the wireing in the house upgraded to a 200 amp service.

    usally the homes that have a 100 amp panel are still useing the 60 amp service cables from the power transformers, it'll worl ok but is at the max.
    also the outlets inside the house will not be the grounded 3 prong outlets and will not be grounded correctly.
    this statement is based on what I have seen in many homes that built years ago and made a poor attempt to upgrade the wireing the cheapest way possible.

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    Thanks for all the responses. I think what I am gonna do is say yes, but take my UPS with me to sign the lease or whatever, and check the wiring. My UPS tells if the wiring is okay, I guess it checks if there is proper grounding, or constant current or whatever. :-)

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    No, the 30 amp side box is likely for the washer/dryer circuit. 100A~=12,000 Watts. Your whole computer rig is unlikely to draw more than 4-5 amps total (~500-600 W). 100A should be plenty. Just be sure the ground and polarity are good at the outlet(s) you are going to use for your system. Get one of those 3-LED circuit testers at any electrical dept. or supply store - <$5., every home should have one!
    . Replace the outlet(s) if they are loose. I use Made in USA commercial rather than residential outlets whenever I need to replace as they get a tighter grip on the plugs and last longer...

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    Found out a little more about the house, it is approximately 40 years old. So not an antique.

    Thanks again.

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    "the 30 amp box is a addon because the 100 amp box does not have enough slots to add any more circuts, which tell me that it is already overloaded."

    Not always. And load is determined by how much is used at once. Not how many slots filled. My 250amp box will take up to 20 50amp breakers. Now I only need 20's in there and 3 50's BUT it can hold a 50 in each. Will it power it all HECK NO. But its designed the way its used. Do you turn everything on in your house at once? Holly light bill batman. We have 100 amp right now. Thats the reason for me buying my new box -wasnt cheap. Now I gotta get everything ready for the residential inspector and get switched over. Like mentioned above the range or water heater (80gal) turns on when lots of stuff going it dimms a sec. But wont dip under 108 so no biggy! Now I want my arc and mig welder hooked up and already have a duel piston 60gal 5hp porter cable aircompresor on there. Too much. For normal household useage for a small family-100amps is enuff. BUT just like a psu, they would rather it be over the needed amount by a bit! Why? Uh cause if you draw over 100amps long enuff or under right conditions (hot day) I ve seen the transformer at pole burn up. That dont make power co. happy. So 200amp reg. stepped in BUT its only for new construction not existing homes. By the way-for those who dont know. IT the transformer box at pole that regulats your pwoer feed. steps it down to your volt and your amps forma high volt line. Like any high power transformer they are hot. And sealed in oil. Overlaod doesnt agree with them.

    "No, the 30 amp side box is likely for the washer/dryer circuit."

    Yep thats what I was thinking, that or for the air conditioner.
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