I'm looking at the Cannon I560 and I860 prinnters to replace a HP 932c.

I ruled out HP because of the color cartridge problems (memory and cost). I ruled out Epson because of the non user replaceable print heads.

I see Cannon has changed the setup where the print heads are user replaceable, but as a service part. Is this correct? They use to have a 2 piece cartridge with a separate 'tank' within the cartridge which I thought was the best 'solution'.

I do most of my printing mostly off web pages (test reports as example). I do some photos, but this isn't a huge priority.
My MAIN concern is refilling the cartridges without damaging the printheads.

Input on these two printers please.............(I have read test reports on them BTW). Is the 860 worth almost 2x the price ($130 vs $87)?