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    Car Tape Deck Problems

    I am having a weird sort of problem with my car tape deck. My car is a 1997 Toyota, and it does not have a CD player. Instead, I have a CD player hooked up to the car through an audio cassette. However, after I turned off my car with the tape still in the tape deck, when I turned the car back on, the car does not recognize that there is a tape in the dash. Now I cannot eject the stupid tape. It's not jammed in or anything, but I cannot get it out. Any advice on how I could remove the tape would be most excellent and most appreciated.

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    Sounds like the sensor that detects that a tape is inserted into the deck has become defective.

    Is the deck the type you hit a small button and it moves out electronically.. or is it the kind the you push a longer button and it comes out manually?

    Fixing the deck may be more clostly then purchasing a new deck... probably go for a CD player then.

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    Yes, it is a small button that is pressed to electronically remove the tape.

    Thanks for the response.

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