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    CMOS Admin Password Re-Set

    Quote Originally Posted by jose3957 View Post
    hi maybe you guys can help with a problem with my compaq nc6000. Recently i got it a new AC Adapter because i noticed the battery wasnt chraging. however getting the AC adapter i also noticed that my battery aswell was not working so i got a new one aswell. When i turned it on it just stayed in the Hp page didnt let me log in. It told me the press R10=ROM base setup. it dosent let me do anything else i cant login im not sure why
    All you have to do is remove the keyboard, battery, disconnect AC, remove the red/black lead from the Mobo (next to the RAM). You'll see it when you lift up the keyboard. Wait a few minutes (I waited ~15 minutes). Plug in AC boot up. It'll start with memory count up then give you the choice to go to F10. Go in re-set the passwords, save BIOS. You are good to go put it all back together - the cmos password is gone -that should do it nothing else is needed...

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    Power up problem with hp compaq nc6000

    Using an old nc6000 for writing. Would not charge the battery. Looked at all the expensive solutions then tried most obvious one - the power cable being worn out. Replaced it at a cost of under $10. Problem solved. No motherboard replacement, no battery replacement. Things are working just fine.

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    Compaq nc6000 abrupt shutdown problem

    Pls i need to know exactly where those components are located on the board and possibly how to go about opening the system nc6000.My system has exactly the same problem;it starts with no indicator lights on and the CPU fan will be blowing.Sometimes,when it starts, it stays for about 20mins and it will go blank with the fan blowing too and the green lights on.Enlighten me more about this problem.
    Thank you.

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    hp nc6000

    guys my hp nc6000 is going at halt state again and again...when i m using 8 ball pool on facebook...fan speed is increases and it goes held...could any body solve my problem???

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    Thumbs up NC6000 abruptly turning off, Or orange light

    I have read all your posts and my son has a NC6000 and his started doing this as well. I am an electronics tech so this stumped me thats how I stumbled across this posting. I tried everything suggested and nothing would completely resolve it this issue would return. SO here is what I did to fix this issue.
    Dis-assemble your NC6000 remove the fan and the gold pad the fan sits on on the motherboard is dirty along with the connection side that the fan sits on the motherboard. Take a #2 pencil and use the eraser and clean both of these. If you so desire remove the power board and clean all these as well. Re-assemble and tighten screws accordingly. You will no longer experience this issue. If you do follow the steps all over and clean a little better. The issues resides with the continuity between the fan and the board the circuit is being broken and thats why this issue is there.
    Once you accomplish this you will actually see an improvment in the overall funcionality of the unit. I have bumped it around shook it and it still powers on every single time and will run until I turn it off.

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    Hello, Im here for you all's expertise! I have a compaq nc6000 & I forgot the user name & password to login to Windows *(when computer is first turned on). Ive read many post in this thread & so far Ive cleared bios, took the battery pack & the cmos (other post call it t...something) battery out for 24hrs, took out hard drive, put in just the power cord & nothing. No matter what I do windows is still asking for a user name & password. Help plzzz!

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