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    hp compaq nc6000 problems

    .. i just got a hp compaq nc6000 from my uncle and it's bios is passworded.. does anyone know a way to reset the bios .. besides removeing the battery... trying killcmos, removing the bios chip and using debug ... thanks...

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    Why dont you want to remove the battery? I know that I was messing with a freinds laptop that was passworded and removed the battery to clear cmos and it worked. I beleive the battery was located under the minipci card or something. It was a compaq btw.

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    the motherboard is suppose to have jumpers to do that.
    maybe you can search for a software to flash it.

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    no the battery just keeps the in bios settings .. but not the password .. i believe there is a chip witch keeps the password and needs to be replaced and rewritten .. and of course the harddrive is also passworded and the password is saved in the harddrive's firmware ... anyway i resolved the problem by buying a new 40GB hdd...

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    Good info to know, thanks for posting your solution. All you did was change the hard drive and it took off the password for the BIOS? It almost seems too easy....
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    Sorry to bump this back to the top :P

    Hello everyone!

    I've just bought an HP NC6000 laptop from eBay (UK) and I received it this morning. I was told it was brand new, but there is a password on the BIOS. This wouldn't normally bother me, but the wireless LAN is disabled (Windows doesn't recognise it). I need to enable it through the BIOS. I've emailed the seller on eBay but he hasn't got back to me yet. Is there anyway I can remove/bypass the BIOS password so I can enable WLAN. Above, someone mentioned simply replacing the Hard Disk. I am in a positon to do this, because I do have a spare from my old laptop, but if there's an easier way I would love to hear it. I have tried KillCMOS but it didn't work. I'm hoping I don't have to remove the RTC Battery because there are a lot of screws at the bottom and I don't have a clue where to find the battery!

    Thanks in advance and please help me! (WLAN is the only reason why I chose this laptop!)


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    hey akira i've solved my problem by replacing the hard drive (because it was password protected) but i never got rid og that Bios password .. i opened the laptop and took out the battery but for no success.. i've tryed software like KillCMOS or Debug (from commandline for kacking the BIOS) but still no success .. you should look for an universal HP BIOS Unlocker Code/App .. but i haven`t been successful in finding one

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    And i want to mention that my nc6000 never came with WLAN.... i thought i needed to get a PCMCIA WLAN Card ... i think that`s going to be your case too.

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    compaq nc6000

    i purchased a nc6000 with a password protected bios-i disconnected the cmos battery and left it for 24 hours and it did not clear the password, however, after stripping the laptop down for the second time i noticed a small plug in board, when i disconnected this and left it for a couple of hours, the password was gone--if i can do it anyone can!

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    nickmurphy are you talking about a "JUMPER" ? that`s a 2 pins connector or a 2 way switch.
    Please tell us the number or anything around that "board connector or jumper".

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    not a jumper or a switch--it's a small board around 2 x inches x 3 inches which plugs into the board

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    nickmurphy, are you talking about the card that's located on the LED board next to the modem? I think this is the Trusted Platform Module. I have heard that this model when locked cannot be unlocked without replacing hardware. Anyone know what to do when the bios has been locked down?

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    This link may be helpful. It has backdoor passwords for various BIOS'.

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    when the NC6000 locks down, there is no boot from floppy or cd, keyboard and mouse are disabled. I am wondering where the information for the lock is physically located. It is not on the mainboard, I'm thinking maybe on the LED board or maybe the cpu itself.

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    let me just get one thing straight-this model CANbe unlocked because i did mine-if you fish around online you'll find a service manual-even the service manual makes no mention of this board which from memory is held in place by two screws and it just slots onto connectors in two places, i think as i remember it's got a bit of a L shape, sorry i don't know the technical terms you're all using or what it's called but it obviously did something in my case

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    nickmurphy, I believe the part you are referring to is the Bottom Board part #346883-001, in which case it didn't work in my case. The entire laptop was disassembled and everything unplugged for a week and the bios is still locked, actually I should make myself a bit more clear, there is a boot lock on it preventing me from booting anywhere. Anyone know how to remove this?

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    gummipolarbear my nc6000 was BIOS locked and Harddisk Locked... what i mean is that i could not enter bios in any way i knew and he HardDisk was Locked.. it required a Password to unlock .. what i had to do was replace the hdd to be able to use it for installing an os. and what i must remind you is that eaven when it was locked both bios and hdd i was able to boot from the CD intro a linux Live cd distro.

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    mickeydej, so replacing the HD only solved half of your problem? The bios is still locked?

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    yes that`s what i meant it solved my main problem .. installing an OS. but Bios is still locked.

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    swapped out the LED board minus the tpm chip and it cleared the locks

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