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Thread: Deck Keyboards

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    Deck Keyboards

    Hello again,
    I recently purchased a Razer Diamondback mouse to replace my MX700 mouse and I am very happy with it. Now it is time to replace my keyboard so I can pass my MX700 combo on to someone else. I was considering purchasing a Saitek Eclipse board once they are available later this month but I recently stumbled accross Deck Keyboards and I am curious about them. Does anyone here have one? If so, how do you like it? I am currently looking at the Fire model as it should look great with my chameleon mouse.

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    I don't know anything about them, but they look awesome, plus the fact they have a large section on modding it yourself, including instruction on how to assemble and dissasemble the thing, gives them two big thumbs up in my book!


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    woaaaaa, what a ripoff! $120 for a keyboard? Why? Any wireless keyboard is the same as the next, and how much do u want to light up your keys?

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    It isn't wireless. And actually, I am considering that much to light up my keys and I also think the small form factor would be nice for LANs.

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    Looks pretty nice, but not for $120. I would just get a normal keyboard (with some extra gaming features) from newegg or somewhere.

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    how about this instead? it's only 43$, all the keys light up, and the extra keypad buttons can be programmed to do different things in your games. I havent tried it but I've heard very good things and it got 5/5 in computet gaming world
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    I was considering that keyboard until I learned that the keys don't actually light up. There is a backlight in the keyboard but it does not shine through the keys so you can't make out the letters on the keys. Saitek is making a newer illuminated keyboard called Eclipse without the game pad but it still isn't available.

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    True - I have one and it looks very cool - but as soon as the new Eclipse comes out, I'll be buying that as I really would like the letters to be lit. But it is a good keyboard - very good feel.

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    Looking through my maximum pc magazine that arrived today (I pour over that magazine religiosly, awesome stuff!) and they reviewed the deck bl82 keyboard and gave it a verdict of 4. Their biggest gripe about this particular board (I don't know if there's different types, but this particular one) was that it was meant to be compact, and so the keys are too close together. I personally haven't tried anything great (the keyboard I use right now came from my school rejects) but that my two cents. AWESOME MAGAZINE though, what do you guys think of it?

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    Lighted keybaords are nice.. but if you know your letters and know how to type what is the point?

    When I am typing I never look at my keyboard.. just at my screen...

    My $25 (CDN) Microsoft keyboard does me good and when I spill a Pepsi/Coke/coffee/adult beverage of choice on it I don't care and just toss it and replace it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by burgerd
    It isn't wireless. And actually, I am considering that much to light up my keys and I also think the small form factor would be nice for LANs.
    If you're looking for a small keyboard try here.


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    agreed w/ sixpac. I have a 15 buck keyboard (BenQ slim keyboard) and really love it! Its thin, comfortable, good looking, and really cheap!

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    It looks like they just messed around with an Imac keyboard and put some different colors on it.

    My questoin is... why the heck would anyone want one of those rediculously small keyboards? Unless you're like 3 years old and have hands and fingers small enough to comfortably hit single width shift keys and such...
    I wouldnt use the keyboard if it was given to me for free...just disgusting.

    but as always... to each his own.

    However I do get a kick out of a business who can't even change the default title from OsCommerce to their business name....

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    I don't go to lans and i never look at my keyboard while i type. I bought a used one from a local electronic shop for $1...works great but i'm confused about some of the keys and their functions but..who cares! works great as a plain keyboard.

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