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    cyrix proc..what a find! lol

    holy crap.....i just found an old cyrix mII processor. I thought I heard somewhere about these being worth money or something. anyone heard about that? i jsut can't believe i found something that old!!!

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    I think Ive got one also..from an old burned out motherboard

    I think they are worth something like 50cents on the black market (j/k, I have no clue)
    "Even a fool is thought to be wise if he is silent"

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    no..i mean i thought i heard somewhere that museums were buying them....then again..i could be wrong...lol anyways..i can learn to overclcock so waht do you think i can get out of an old cyric proc that runs at 285 stock? lmao...i'll bump the fsb up to 100 mhz to match the memory and the multiplier up to 5.5 u think it'll work (by the way..just sarcasm!! lol)

    jp...love your sig by the way..it's making me think of myself at the moment actually i love makin myself look dumb!

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    I have a Cyrix 486S here - it was made as an upgrade to 386 systems.

    I still have at least half a dozen mere internet/homebanking/wordprocessing users that use socket-7 systems with integrated 2D-only graphics and Cyrix MII processors. More CPU power does exactly nada for these applications.

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    285 MHz stock? That should be a 3.0x 95 MHz "MII-400", 2.2V core? That indeed is a rare beast, one from the latest and last production run, already under VIA control. (It should say MIIv.)
    Reports back then had it that these overclock like the proverbial madman - 400 MHz were achievable. You can't go higher because 4x is the highest multiplier they have.

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    nope...my mobo goes up to 5.5 or does the proc limit that? and yes...you are completely correct about the MIIv so how rare are these anyways (i don't mean worth money..i mean just how rare) cus i just got it dropped off on my doorstep in a bunch of old motherboards by a customer who was throwing this crapola out! lol.

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