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    ctrl-alt-delete not working anymore

    I've noticed recently that whenever i press ctrl-alt-delete it doesn't bring up that little task manager thing anymore, infact nothing happens. Don't see why this should suddenly happen, it use to work fine. Anybody have any idea whats wrong and how to fix this?


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    Does the icon for it show up in your system tray after pressing ctrl-alt-del ?

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    nope, its as if i haven't even pressed anything, the computer doesn't react at all

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    Try virus scanning your PC in safemode.
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    I had a similar problem with WP 11. I'd double click the icon on my desktop and it would open up minimized. I had to re-install the program to fix it. It doesn't sound a like a virus/spyware to me more then it does just a corrupt file. You could try a repair. BTW this sounds like XP instead of w2k right?

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    Virus scan couldn't find anything. Yes i am using XP, and no i can get the task manager by right clicking on the task bar. Still scratching my head...

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    I know this sounds simple but have you tried another keyboard?
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    nope, sounds like a similar problem but i can run msconfig fine, it also says that with that virus you will be able to run the task manager by right clicking on the task bar, i can't

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    Try running TaskMGR.exe from Run.
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    Read the news article about running windows stripped of all it's services. There is a file in there that handles the hiding of programs. It may be corrupt.

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    ok, so i'm having the same problem as this guy except when i run taskmgr.exe it says that the prgram is in use by another file. that sounds like it could be a virus.

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    I am having the EXACT same problem!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve R Jones
    Click on Start->Run and type MSCONFIG

    If it flashes open and the closes, the following will apply to you:

    Problems Related to Variant of the W32.Klez Worm Virus Infection


    When you run Windows XP or Windows-based programs, you may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

    Windows XP and Windows-based programs run very slowly.
    Documents do not open properly, or when they open, they do not contain all the correct information.

    You cannot start Windows Task Manager.

    Free On-Line Virus Scanner

    Heh, just actually browsing through, ditto happend to me. This seems to be a good fix too! I usually use AVG, I know trend micro is great (especially since it's online), but I didn't think of using it for this situation. Maybe I should think twice about Good Ol' Housecall :P

    I was starting to notice how my win32 programs didn't open, i usually crack open the nice MSCONFIG for a little fixup on my compy, but I couldn't. My compy's running worse than ever right now :\ (it's a piece of shit... celeron, 256kb cache, 2533 mhz, 256 ram... crap...)

    Well, i'm scanning. Gonna assume that it'll fix it too. lol

    See ya!

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    i did have the same problem but what i did was just do a system restore to a date when ctrl alt and delete did work.

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    A virus scan is all you need to fix it. I scanned my compy with AVG... (i also used spybot for good measures :P), restarted. Worked fine.

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    Not too sure about those "Just a Virus Scan" answers that everyone is giving.

    I run scans almost daily on my computer for Adware, Spyware, and Viruses. My machine is clean. - But I have the same problem with key combos. Not just CTRL-ALT-DEL, but mine extends to CTRL-C, CTRL-V, etc. All of these combos are INOP on my USB keyboard for some reason. However, when I use a regular PS2 type keyboard it all works. All keys on the USB keyboard work fine (I play alot of games)... Aparently my general macros got disabled some how, and I would bet that this might be the same problem that Herronial is experiencing.

    Task Manager runs fine through the taskbar, and when I push the CTRL-ALT-DEL combo on the old keyboard it comes up fine. Only with the USB keyboard are the issues.

    Just wish I knew a way to fix it off the top of my head.
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    Maybe some of your services aren't running?

    Start -> Control Panel -> Performance & Maintenance -> Administrative Tools -> Services

    Dunno what one it is exactically, so probably the "Universal Plug and Play Device Host" if you have it, the "Plug and Play", and the "Human Interface Device Access"... You can read their little descriptions, although it may not make sence. lol

    Just right click the service, and click Start (if it's not available, then go to Properties and Startup Type -> Manual). If it's already started then you're okay.

    Hope those help!

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    task manager problem

    i'm also having the same problem. task manager doesnt pop up w/ ctrl alt del, or from right clicking the taskbar. msconfig comes up properly. but when i tried going to the administrator tools to enable the HID, i got an error saying "the specified module could not be found." any other suggestions?

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    Does it work before windows loads?

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    My crl+alt+del problem only manifests itself when my PC freezes and that's when I need it most! Invoking it any other time isn't a problem.

    I've had this problem for about 18 months and done many ad/spy/virus checks etc (AVG / SpyBot / PC-Cillin) and none solve this issue. I tried the suggestions in the previous posts too then rebooted.

    It (the freeze) mostly seems to happen when I'm online or using memory hungry apps (Photoshop / VideoMach etc), also when a window is being refreshed or I'm moving the scrollbar (I've had it for so long I know the typical conditions when it will and does appear).

    I'm using Win98 SE (Gold). Hopefully not for too long though as I'll be upgrading next month, but don't intend trashing this PC.
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