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    Best online store (In Canada or can ship to Canada) to order parts for new computer

    Hey guys,

    I'm wondering which online store you guys think is the best for ordering parts in Canada.

    I've heard of www.xpcgear.com , www.canadacomputers.com , and www.tigerdirect.ca (only if last option as I was told)

    Now I'm pretty sure I'm guna order my parts from Canada Computers or XPCgear, but I wana hear the pros and cons of both, and any others you guys no of, Thx!

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    http://www.ncix.com/ <--- w00t

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    although I really like the look of that store, all the prices on it are about 20-30 bucks more expensive then on www.canadacomputers.com and buying about 10 items with about 20-30 bucks more on each, would make me get less of what i want for the kind of money i'm wanting to spend, but thx for showing that!

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    Canada [Maritimes]

    this one my be in your area

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    I like Summit, I try to go there for all my computer parts and accessories. :

    I have also purchased some mail order parts from TigerDirect.ca
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