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    Corrupted Print spooler

    Recently went through massive spyware and adware problems. Took care of most of the issues using adaware and spysweeper along with yahoo security. But it appears the "print spooler" function is corrupted somehow and I cannot manually turn back on. I am not able to print anything.

    What do I do?

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    If you could provide a little detail on the operating system as well as make, model, and the
    type of printer you are using it would be a big help in determining what is needed.

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    And when you try and print what is the actual error message you receive?

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    http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q191949/ for 95, 98, and ME printer spool32 errors.
    http://www.measureup.com/testobjects...4W/5a8d03b.htm deals with solving printer
    spooling problems.

    There are a few tips there. Another method is to go into the control panel to locate the
    printer and faxes section. Once in there you can see if a print job is hung. Sometimes a new
    print job fails when the system registry gets effected by a virus or spyware like you have
    described here. If you can post a log using the HiJackThis utility there may be a fix that can
    be offered in the security section of this forum.

    The alternative pain is to remove all of the printer software to have Windows redetect the
    printer itself for a reinstallation of everything. Windows then asks for the driver disk. After
    that you would then have to reinstall the printer software and hope all goes well. Here's a
    link for the HiJackThis analyser and tutorial. http://www.techimo.com/forum/t137826.html
    The first post has the links for the analyzers and tutorial.

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    Thank You for reply

    Windows XP

    Lexmark Z605

    Tried reinstalling printer driver but get this error (also get this error when I try to manually start print spooler through...control panel, admin tools, services, print spooler)...

    Error 1068: Dependency service or group failed to start

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    Well, Before I removed all of the print software and went to print the message was "print spooler not started, start now?". clicked yes to that but get error message...Could not start on local computer. Error 1068:dependency service or group failed to start.

    Now I cannot reinstall the print drivers because the print spooler is not started and cannot be started manually via control panel, admin tools, services, print spooler.

    This is more difficult of a problem than it seems.

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    Now you have to be more thorough with the antivirus and antispyware scans because the
    problem here seems to have more to do with the system registry. Another way to verify if
    all MS services are being loaded properly is found by using the msconfig utility to go to the
    next to last tab, not the startup group there. Usually you would check the hide all ms serv.
    box to hide the MS defaults if trying to disable a bad software. Here you want to examine
    the MS services to see if they are all enabled. The RPC does have to be started.

    What is the RPC? The remote proceedure call as it is referred to. If you have administrative
    access on the system, go to the admin icon in control panel and click on services. There you
    can scroll down to the RPC and right click on it if that is not currently running. The menu has
    a recovery tab where instruction to restart the system will be listed as part of enabling it.
    Give this a quick look to see if this can get you going. If not we'll find something that does.

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    Having Printer Problem Too

    I have a Toshiba eStudio e3100c office printer/copier that won't install on only one out of 6 computers in the office. Whenever i try to install it an error that reads Error on completing task. And after that, the print spooler stops working. Restarting the spooler doesn't do anything because it just stops again. However, when i manually delete the incomplete driver folder from the drivers folder under spool, the error no longer occurs. What do you guys think could be causing this? The PC it won't install in is an exact replica of another PC it successfully installed in.
    Vista business, 2gb of RAM, intel celeron processor, spysweeper, trend micro antivirus, latest updates have been installed. Please help!!!

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