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    Best Bang For The Buck Mp3 Player..?

    I'm thinking of getting an MP3 player, can't really decide what one to get. I don't exactly know what to look for in an mp3 but I was thinking of getting this one
    I'm looking for decent sound quality, a nice amount of space, and really not too expensive. Any suggestions?

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    I've had bad experiences with Creative mp3's. I usually recommend iPods, but they aren't the cheapest suggestion.

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    ipods=great, BUT theres the price issue. Sony makes good MP3 players, and i believe RIO MP3 players are also good...if you just want an MP3 player then the one you picked will probably work fine, but sound quality...mines not so good and its from creative i belive(can't remember, )

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    Can you recommend any decent ones by Sony.

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    Soz, can't say so myself, but perhaps buy a magazine about techy stuff, they normally have a list of MP3 players etc. Or failing that, check out reviews of different MP3's and how they compare with their prices.

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    Sony is very expensive too. I like the Creative ones (micro Zen) and the Rio's aren't that bad themselves. JetAudio's are pretty stylish too. As for sound quality, just make sure you've got some good headphones, sometimes an affordable unit like the smaller budget Creative's may come with crappy headphones to keep the cost lower.

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    I recoemend creative mp3 players, great quality for the price
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    Samsung is really getting into the mp3 arena, and they have a really nice mp3 player for about $100. 6gb I beleive and it looks awesome.

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    I have a Zen Touch, if you are going to buy this then wait till you can get a good rebate. I got mine for 189 after a 20 buck rebate. Also had free shipping.

    Check this site out before you decide:http://forums.creative.com/creativel...d?board.id=dap


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    for the price of the one you origninally selected (which is pretty nice) ipods arent that much compared to $200... the ipod video's are around $300 and they have a good bit of storage to them
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