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Thread: Dell XPS M2010

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    Dell XPS M2010

    Holy crap...I want one of these!


    Close up
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    Yeah. It looks really nice, but I want stats before I buy. If it cant make ALL of my games fly it isnt worth the $4600 someone is willing to spend on it.
    They say technology slows down for no one. I know it outruns my wallet. I figure its because my wallet isn't light enough yet.

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    "The problem with quotations on the internet is that the sources are hard to verify" - Abraham Lincoln

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    From the fact sheet I received a couple of days ago:

    When opened, the XPS M2010 transforms into a mobile entertainment center with a 20.1-inch high-definition display and a detachable wireless keyboard. Powered by high-performance mobile technology, the M2010 features Intel® Core™ Duo processors, optional dual hard drives, ATI Mobility™ Radeon® X1800 graphics and a slot-load DVD +/- RW drive. 1 The XPS M2010 also includes an integrated 1.3-megapixel webcam and Skype software for video chat capability, and a gyroscopic-enabled remote to control the entertainment applications. The 12-cell battery enables entertainment on the go for about three hours.2 The XPS M2010 starts at $3,500. Additional features include:

    • 20.1-inch high definition display with TrueLife for crisp and vivid images (WSXGA+ 1,680x1,050)
    • Full-size Bluetooth wireless keyboard with integrated touch pad and 10-key numeric pad – detachable and rechargeable
    • Bluetooth remote control with gyroscopic mouse control featuring integrated LCD screen for navigation and playback of audio files.
    • Choice of 802.11 a/g Wi-Fi
    • Dell MediaDirect technology for fast, one-button access to videos, music or photos without having to start Windows
    • Integrated 13-in-2 media card reader for easy transfer of content from digital devices3
    • Eight integrated 4-ohm speakers and 12-ohm subwoofer for premium audio experience
    • Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 and optional TV tuner4
    • Up to 4GB 667MHz dual-channel DDR2 memory5
    • Optional dual hard drive configuration for improved performance or data security
    • ExpressCard slot supports next-generation devices
    • Other ports include four USB ports, IEEE 1394, SPDIF, Analog 7.1./5.1 audio, DVI-I
    • 12-cell lithium-ion battery
    • Expected starting weight of 18.3 lbs.6
    • Base one-year XPS limited warranty7 with optional Dell On Call8 “how-to” value-added services

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    Forget gaming. Throw a workstation video chip in there and you've got a portable graphics/CAD/3D station to bring onsite to clients. Tons of potential in the business arena for that much.

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    Wow, gotta give Dell some props on the originality and style of that beast. Although, with that type of price tag, it proly going to be another toy for rich kids. Crazy design tho, 4600$ is the base price?

    Edit: 3500$ base price. Feel bad for a friend of mine last year who bought the 1000$ Dell laptop and upgraded it to a hefty 3000$ laptop. Its just an average lappy now. A year from now, this beast will still be a Beast!
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    For the price I find this to be increadably impractical for potential DTR and AIO buyers. I see very few uses for this released as a consumer product. $3500 base for a computer who's only real advantage over an XPS laptop is it's 20.1" monitor(at a lower res) while still not being very powerful in the graphics department. It doesn't come with a built in tuner and it's 10lbs heavier than an xps laptop. RAID also is a plus, but doesn't add much to the overall package when it pushes the price into the $4000+ range.

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