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    Question DOA PSU (EZcool 500W)

    Hi all,
    First post for me. Just took delivery of a new PSU (EZcool 500W) for a new system I'm building. Plugged it into power and expected fan to spin. NOTHING !!
    Checked lead in another puter and all was fine.

    I'm not big on electrics and was wondering if the PSU has to be earthed in a case to work and not just sitting on a bench.


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    While most supplies should power up (turn on) with no load such as what you are trying, some will flat out refuse to while others will some of the time. I suggest you try plugging in a couple of fans and/or maybe a couple of drives to put a load on the supply.


    Of course you will need to tell the supply to turn on. There are a couple of pins on the connector that you will need to jumper for this to happen and right off the top of my head I can't remember which ones.......I'll see if I can find it.....


    Pin 13 to 14... black to green (or should be)
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    Is the 110/220 switch in the correct position?

    Sometimes incorrect voltage will cause the power supply to just sit there instead if burning it out.

    Also remove all drive connections...just the mobo connection to start out with.

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