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    Xbox 360 on an LCD Monitor using the 360 VGA HD AV Cables?

    This is the Xbox 360 VGA HD AV cables I'm considering buying, http://tinyurl.com/2plncj ,this is my LCD Monitor a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW http://tinyurl.com/32arsw . The max resolution is 1680x1050, but 1680x1050 isn't supported on the xbox 360. Anyone who uses the 360 on a monitor with this resolution and same VGA HD AV cable please tell me if the picture looks distorted or stretched in anyway.

    Another question I have is where do you plug the red and white audio cords on the computer? Do you plug them in the back of the computer because I have nowhere to put them. Or do they just plug into the left and right speakers (one on each speaker)? That is all that is needed to play the 360 on my LCD right? My video card, the nvidia 7950GT KO 512MB came with an external hdtv cable that allows you to plug in the HDTV red, blue, and green cables and then connecting the three wires to the video card. It doesn't look like the external hdtv cables aren't needed to play the 360 on my LCD, am I right? Also unrelated to the topic, if I can't use this external hdtv cable for the 360 what can it be used for? I tried to find a good pic of the external hdtv cable but this was the best I could find, http://tinyurl.com/2s9zev its inside the bag 2nd from the left on top. Thanks for any help posted.

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    You need a monitor that its HDTV... you dont actually hook up the XBOX360 to the computer..

    You are looking for something like this..


    Also you will need stand alone speaker for your audio output unless you want to use the crappy speakers that come with the monitors..

    Unless you buy a LCD Television...
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    your wrong theres even a video of a guy on youtube playing on a samsung 226bw exactly like mine, its just one of the searches on google about using the monitor. the monitor also doesnt have sound so you dont even know shit about this monitor and your giving me bullshit advice. the resolution is supported on the 360 but it didnt look to distorted on the video the quality might not be the best because its not supported but it would be a huge improvement over what I have now.

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    If you don't agree with the advice you are given in a public forum you are more than free to go else where!

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    If you read my post I was suggesting a different monitor THAT IS SUITED TO DO WHAT YOU WANTED TO DO. I never said that your monitor had speakers I was refering to the monitor I posted... And I corrected you on what the adapter was not to connect the xbox360 to the computer.

    The adapter you got with the video card is to send your computer video to a TV trought the PYR cable... not to send the XBOX360 Video to the computer and the computer to the monitor....

    If you can see the XBOX360 adapter you connect it trough a DVI port and its has an adapter to convert both White and Red sound signals into a single one to connect to a monitor OR your speaker system...

    So if you buy the XBOX360 Adapter you can hook it to the DVI port of your monitor and the sound can be sent to the audio input from the sound card if you want to use your computer speakers...

    Cool off and either way you wont be missed if you don't come back...
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    Think maybe pepsiclock should get a refund on his membership fee to TechIMO?

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    Im doing the same thing right now with a samsung monitor i brought a while ago, the picture looks great, no problems. to get the audio going i brought a 5.1 surround sound logitech computer speakers, this came with an adapter which sorted out the problem. it can be used for computers aswell and the adapter works on computer speakers, you know the crappye once. But 5.1 is quite cheap i got mine for like 50 pounds and the sound quality is amazing.

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