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    web pages do not display correctly

    I am working on a friends pc and having an issue with web pages not displaying correctly. for example the Yahoo homepage, loads differently than it does on any of my computer, most of the hot buttons and graphics are gone. The one that loads on this pc is extremey basic with strange looking borders and the entire page is white and blue. It seems like something is disabled but i cant figure it out. I have the latest drivers for the video card and colors on the desktop or watching dvd look fine. One thing that is strange is the page options button on yahoo's home page does not have any colors to choose from under it. Its not just Yahoo, it seems to be all web pages and it looks the same if i use IE 7or mozilla. Any ideas?


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    Have you cleared out temp files, history, etc.?

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    yes temp files have been cleared out on this machine.

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    do you have flash player installed?

    is javascript or CSS being blocked somehow? maybe by a setting or add-on in your browsers, or it could be by some security software you have on the computer. most major websites have a "no script" version of the site that looks very plain. try disabling the security software if there is any to see if that's the problem.

    you can also try it in a newly-created user account, as this would have all the default windows settings.

    is the computer in a network environment, like at a school or a business? it could be that a firewall is blocking access to these resources.

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