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    remove password at startup?


    i have my windows xp professional pc set to 'administrator' for myself and i have to enter my password at startup. can you change this? is there a setting where i can disable having to put in my password and just have it go straight into my computer? i looked in the control panel 'system' settings but couldn't find where to do it?!?

    if anyone knows, pls drop me a line..thanx


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    Yeah, pretty easy, using the same trick as in win2k. From a run command type "control userpasswords2" (without quotes), then select your preferred auto-login and then untick the "users must enter a password" box. When you click OK it will prompt for the password once, then you won't need to any more. To run it off, simply rerun the command and tick the box again.

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    awesome dude! thanks a bunch!

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