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    hotmail sending messages that I didn't send

    My girlfriends hotmail account is sending out messages that she didn't send. They are spam messages that link to a blog of some sort i believe, although we didn't click on the link inside the messages. One of her friends told her about the emails and we checked the account, about 15 messages or so were sent and are listed in her sent items list.

    Has anyone heard of this before? They are sending using her account to people in her address book. This wouldn't be a computer virus on her computer would it? You have to log in to her account by typing in the email address and password from the hotmail site.

    Any ideas on how to fix this and how this happens?

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    It is either a spyware/virus or someone got her password.
    I would do a thorough cleaning of her computer (possibly even a reformat), then also change her password after the cleaning.
    That should help.

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    Also remove auto logon - a lot of scripts rely on autologon to send messages like this.

    It's worth logging on every time to help make sure scripts aren't sending messages. Plus she'll never forget her password is she logs in every time.

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