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    Dell AC Adapter 65w to 90w

    Hello, hope someone can help... I've searched around the other threads but didn't find an answer.

    I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 that no longer recognizes my AC power adapter. This kicks my system into a super slow mo mode that I finally resolved, but it still reverts back to the above mentioned slow mode every once in awhile. The replacement warranty battery they sent me no longer holds a charge after a year, so I need to replace that as well.

    My question is this, will my laptop support/recognize the 90w AC adapter instead of the 65w? Will it cause any problems?

    Output Voltage:19.5VOutput Watts:65W (90W also available) Output Amp:3.34AInput Voltage:100-240V 50/60 Hz (Worldwide Compatible)


    Output Voltage:19.5VOutput Watts:90W (65W also available) Output Amp:4.62AInput Voltage:100-240V 50/60 Hz (Worldwide Compatible)

    AND.... is one of the below batteries noticably better than the other?

    Battery Type:9-Cell Li-ion Cell Origin:Sanyo (Japan)Battery Voltage:11.1VBattery Capacity:73WHR 6600mAh

    Battery Type:9-Cell Li-ion Cell Origin:Sony (Japan)Battery Voltage:11.1VBattery Capacity:80WHR 7200mAh

    Thanks in advance for comments and help!

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    Odds are, its the AC connector on the mobo that is broken...which is extremely common on lappys. When you plug in the AC power, does the connector jiggle/move any?
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    ...it does wiggle a bit... is that something that i can swap out as well? And should that be my first "fix" before I bother replacing the cord and adapter?

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    Your laptop should be ok to recongize both but 90W ac adapter can provide your laptop more power than 65W. As for the sony battery, if they are for the same laptop, the only difference is the capacity then. (maybe the size of the 7200mAh one will be bigger and stick out from the back of the laptop)

    Btw, I made a purchase from level8technology.com 1 year ago, that cheap knock-off battery which works for only 2 months and not charging anymore. I would recommend laptoptraveller.com instead:
    Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery, Laptop AC Adapter for Dell Inspiron 6000 & Car Chargers

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    No problem at all.
    You can choose a replacement ac adapter which has higher Amps than your original ac adapter's; but you can not choose an ac adapter which has lower Amps than your original ac adapter's because it can not provide sufficient power to your laptop. Adapters with higher Amps will not damage your laptop. The adapter's output current (Amps) and output power (watts) are maximum load ratings. Computers only draw as many amperes or watts as they need.

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    Biian, what you say is true. I've had both an Inspiron 6000 and an Inspiron 9000. The 90W adapter that came with the 9300 would work for the 6000, but the 65W adapter that came with the 6000 wouldn't work for the 9300.

    Having said that, the original post was well over two years ago so I'm sure their problem has been taken care of long ago.

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