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    Notebook suggestion based on spec

    This is all I want, two things;

    The notebook must be as cheap as humanly possible. The notebook must also have a line-out jack (not headphone out, but a line level out jack).

    Everything else be damned. Cheap, with line-out. You guys are good at this stuff, any suggestions? Brand, other features, not important.

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    Looks like netbooks are out. The ones I checked only have headphone jacks.

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    I found an Acer that had it... but $1200.

    edit: I have found that many notebooks call it a headphone/line-out jack. The difference being that headphones are amplified, whereas line level out is not.

    The difference is detected somehow with these, where a line level in (line-in) connected to the headphone jack will not pre-amp the signal. There is some kind of voltage divider in the hardware to select. How this work? Another story; I've no clue as the cable is identical. With a headphone only jack, plugging in a line level device will cause distortion.

    In any case, I tried it out with my Aspire One netbook, and the radio on the other end had no distortion, even at high volume. So I suppose what I have now will work.

    I'm just being extra cautious because some of the equipment I'm using is very expensive and hard to come by. Some of the inputs and outputs have specific requirements which failure to meet can result in damage (I did another post on a mixer that stated a mono type plug into the mic jack will cause permanent damage). Just playing it safe, but it looks like I'll be alright for what I have.

    Thanks for doing a search and having a look on my behalf though. Much appreciated.
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