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    Mitsubishi WD-62525 DLP Fan Replacement

    Alright guys, a friend of mine just bought a Mitsubishi WD-62525 DLP, used I'm assuming, and one of his fans went out. Since the fan is out the TV won't power up, go figure. From the details I get its a 3 wire 40mm fan that sucks air off the motor for the color wheel (or something like that). Well he picked up a new fan from a local electronics shop and hooked it up and still nothing, the TV powers up, the fan still doesn't spin up but the TV does come on long enough to say fan error (not sure if there is anything else)

    I know details are limited but I was wondering if anyone might have some suggestions. I'll try to get a little more info on the exact error, and perhaps a pic if possible.

    edit: update its the DMD fan, and he gets error code 37, DMD fan failure. He said it looks like the new fan might draw to much power cause it starts to spin but not quite. He can now connect the old fan and the TV works but the fan is dead.
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